Adele Linder

Deggendorf Displaced Persons Camp


Deggendorf was a medium-size Displaced Persons Camp which at one time was "home" to close on 2,000 Jewish refugees, many of them former inmates of Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Situated by the Danube in Bavaria, Deggendorf's DP community published two newspapers, the Deggendorf Center Review and Cum Ojfboj, a Yiddish weekly paper of the Zionist Achida Organization, and maintained a library housing 1,700 books, synagogue, mikve and a kosher kitchen. The camp even had its own currency, underwritten by a Munich bank, known as "Deggendorf Dollars". The paper notes each bore the stamped inscription "Jewish Committee-D.P. Camp 7 Deggendorf."

Deggendorf DP camp, many of whose inhabitants sought entry to Palestine, closed on June 15, 1949. Pictured right (courtesy of USHMM) is a group of Jewish DPs posing in front of building in the Deggendorf DP Camp in 1946. The banner reads in Hebrew and English: Erez Israel for the nation Israel. (Land of Israel for the People of Israel.)

Resident at Deggendorf from 1945 was Adele Linder, who survived the war, whether by remaining hidden or, possibly, a prisoner in Theresienstadt or other camp. Adele's sister Channa [Dina/Donja] Linder and brother-in-law Eliezer Swarts sponsored her through the Jewish Agency to enter Palestine in an application dated 26 October 1945.

Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
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