The Rein-Edelstein-Linder Family


This section of the Rein-Edelstein-Linder website is devoted to survivors of the Holocaust, and is a collection of documentation, pictures and facts surrounding the fates of family members. 

Members of the Linder family either:

Because of the lack of records exact place of death cannot be determined. The following brief synopsis of atrocities depicts the fates of the Linders highlighted on this page.


12 October 1941

First major wave of murders took place.About 3,000 Jews were rounded up and murdered at Sheparavtse about 8km outside Kolomyja. 

25 March 1942

A ghetto was established, into which over 18,000 persons were crowded. Many either died of starvation or from disease and the awful conditions of the Ghetto.

3/4 April 1942

About 5,000 were deported to Belzec extermination camp and a further 250 murdered in the Ghetto

7 September 1942

A further 7,000 were deported to Belzec and another 1,000 murdered in the Ghetto. Sporadic killing continued until October.

11 October 1942  

Another 4,000 were deported to Belzec including children from the orphanage.

4 November 1942

1,000 Jews driven to and shot at Sheparovtse. Later, the last remaining Ghetto inhabitants - about 2,000 - were rounded up and murdered at Sheparovtse



To the right is a copy of the Index Card indicating transport numbers and the date of Anna Edelstein's deportation from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz on Transport Es - 1313 on 19 Oct 1944. Anna had earlier been deported to Theresienstadt on Transport IV/13 - 163 on 10 Oct 1942. Her last address had been Vienna 2, Zwerggasse 5.

On the card Anna, b.13 December 1900, appears under her married name Gefner.  [click on image for larger copy]


Fanny Linder, b. cir 1926 in Podhajczyki, Poland, was the daughter of Hermann Linder and Taube Zeichner. She was murdered in Kolomyja during 1941-1942 as were both her parents and brother Max Linder.



Fanny [Feige] Rein, b. March 1889, was deported to Maly Trostinec on 27 May 1942 where she was murdered on 01 June 1942. Murdered there on the same date was her second husband, Isidor Schlesinger

Fanny {Feiga] Rein's first  husband, Salomon Spiegel, had been murdered at Buchenwald on 18 December 1939. 


Hermann Linder, b. 17 May 1888, in Podhajczyki, Poland was the younger son of Arie Edelstein.  He was murdered in Kolomyja during 1941-1942, as was his wife Taube Zeichner, daughter Fanni Linder, and son Max Linder.



Isidor Schlesinger, b. 20 Apr 1879, was the second husband of  Fanny [Feige] Rein. He was deported with her to Maly Trostinec on 27 May 1942 and murdered there on 1 Jun 1942.



Jakob Gefner, b. 3 February 1890, husband of Anna [Chane] Edelstein, was one of 912 men deported from Vienna to Nisko, on the German-Polish border, on 20 October 1939,  just five weeks after the outbreak of war. 


Jakob Gefner at Nisko



Max Edelstein, b.15 May 1902, fled from Vienna to the South of France where he was in hiding with Heinrich Kowler, his wife Lea Rein and their son Maximilian Kowler in Nice. In one of the round-ups of Jews by the Vichy French police, Max was caught and handed over to the German Nazis. He was taken to Paris and deported to Auschwitz on Convoy 22 on 21 August 1942. Max was unaccountably kept alive for nearly 8 weeks before being murdered on 14 October 1942.

While the reason for Max's stay of execution has not been established, there is a record of him in the Auschwitz death books. These registers list approximately 69000 names out of over a million Jews who were sent to their deaths at Auschwitz and they show Max's death on 14 Oct 1942. Uniquely there is a written record of Max's deportation from France and at Auschwitz. 


Max Edelstein Deportation and Auschwitz Record




Max Linder, b. cir 1931 in Podhajczyki, Poland, was the son of Hermann Linder and Taube Zeichner. He was murdered in Kolomyja during 1941-1942 as were both parents, and sister Fanni Linder.




Salomon Spiegel, b.10 Aug 1890, possibly in Hermersdorf, Germany, was the first husband of Fanny [Feige] Rein. He was deported from Vienna to Dachau on 3 June 1938 and subsequently deported to Buchenwald where he was murdered on 18 December 1939

Last address Wien 2, Stuwerstrasse 43


Salomon Spiegel was murdered quite early on in Buchenwald, at a time when the Nazis would send an urn of ashes to the next of kin. While it cannot be proved if the urn contained his original ashes, they were not put in one of the memorial niches at the Vienna Crematorium, but buried in the Zentralfriedhof Tor 4 grave 20-4-31. 



Taube Zeichner, b. 14 Dec 1892, in Jablonow, Poland, was the wife of Hermann Linder. She was murdered in Kolomyja during 1941-1942., as was her husband, daughter Fanni Linder and son Max Linder.



Leo Harlam, b. 22 Apr 1883, and Selma Harlam, b. 23 October 1879, were the parents of Edith Harlam, wife of Bernard Spiegel. They were deported from Berlin on Transport 1/90-11622 & 11623 on 18 March 1943 to Theresienstadt and then to Auschwitz on Transport Er-509 & Er-510 on 16 October 1944.



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