This page and any featured links is dedicated to the memory of Max Edelstein, born 15 May 1902, murdered 14 October 1942.


Max Edelstein, pictured in Nice before his capture


Max Edelstein had fled Vienna and was in hiding in the south of France together with his aunt Lea Rein, her husband Heinrich [Henry] Kowler, and their son Maximilian Kowler. The Kowler family survived the war and eventually emigrated to the United States but Max was caught during one of the Vichy Police's regular round-ups of  Jews. He was handed over to the Germans who transported him to Paris, from where he was deported to Auschwitz on Convoy 22 on 21 August 1942.



For unexplained reasons, Max was not sent to the gas chambers immediately upon arrival, but kept alive for almost eight weeks. There is a record of him in the Auschwitz death books.These registers list approximately 69,000 names out of over a million Jews who were sent to their deaths at Auschwitz and Max's death is entered as 14 October 1942. Uniquely, there is a written record of Max's deportation both from France and at Auschwitz.




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  1. Edelstein, Max
    (1902-05-15  1942-10-14)
    Birthplace: Podhajczyki, Place of Residence: Paris II, Denomination: mosaisch

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