Szeparowce Massacres


The following paragraph and picture has been reproduced by kind permission of Phil Spiegel and extracted from its inclusion on the following link - The reproduction is to serve as's tribute and memorial to its murdered family members.


Szeparowce Forest, Ukraine


The Szeparowce (Sheparivtsi in Ukrainian) Forest is the site where thousands of Jews from Kolomyja and surrounding towns including Otynya were murdered by the Nazis.  In 1993 a group of 28 survivors from Kolomyja, led by David David of Milwaukee, Wisconsin returned to Ukraine to dedicate this monument at the edge of the Szeparowce Forest on the side of the road between Otynya and Kolomyja.  The monument has plaques in Hebrew, Yiddish and Ukrainian designed by the Organization of the Descendants of Kolomyja in Israel.  The Hebrew plaque may be translated as:

“In eternal memory of the Jews from Kolomyja and surroundings who were murdered here at the hands of the cruel Nazis and their helpers during the years 1941 – 1944.”

The Ukrainian portion of the monument was vandalized in June, 1994. A protest was filed with the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States by David David.  Several months later a new Ukrainian plaque was installed and arrangements were made for ongoing maintenance.


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Szeparowce Massacres